A La Recherche De l'Enfance Perdue...

"Le Petit Prince" est un spectacle musical de 2002 adapté du chef-d'oeuvre de Saint-Exupéry, mis en scène par Jean-Louis Martinoty, avec des chansons écrites par Richard Cocciante (musique) et Elisabeth Anaïs (textes).
Daniel Lavoie joue le rôle de l'aviateur, et le tout jeune Jeff celui du Petit Prince.
Enjoy the show !!!!

Au Cabaret

Live performance from 1972 at The Talk Of The Town in London.
Songs: Where Am I Going, Let Me Sing And I'm Happy, I Capricorn, Johnny One Note, Excuse Me, Shirley, I’ve Never Been A Woman Before, Somebody Like Me, Without You, I’d Like To Hate Myself In The Morning, And I Love You So, Till, Day By Day, The Party’s Over.

Monseigneur Trance

Armin van Buuren performed at A State Of Trance 600 Miami during the Ultra Music Festival on March 24th, 2013. This is the full HD broadcast of his set, as recorded by UMF TV.
A brand new, musical reflection of the intense ride that is Armin van Buuren's life, is about to go alight. Collecting 3 years of genre-bending production work and impassioned song-writing, the fifth artist album of the number one DJ in the world will land on May 3rd. Bursting with extraordinary compositions, musical fusions and hymns for the EDM lovers, Armin van Buuren is proud to present to you: "Intense".

The Pop Music Princess En Déesse De l'Amour

Aphrodite : Les Folies Tour (2011) - Full live 1080p.
This is the complete one, 2 hours.

Timeless 2013

Le spectacle Timeless 2013 - Le film a eu droit à une diffusion unique dans plus de 200 salles de cinéma le 27 mars 2014, à 20 heures.