Beethoven - Symphony n°6 "Pastorale"

This live recording from 1947 is heard in RS3D for the first time.
What is RS3D ? Since their first introduction in the mid-1920s, studio microphones have recorded sound three dimensionally. Stereo was developed to take advantage of this by providing a differential between multiple points in real time on two or more tracks. The result is a stereophonic field. A monaural recording is incapable of reproducing such a field, even when a microphone system has captured it. RS3D enables this field in a monaural recording to reproduce by using time align definitions in a multi channel environment. These definitions are derived from the recording itself, without the post signal processing methods commonly used in conventional stereo enhancment. The result is the actual three dimensional antiphonal field characteristic of the original recording, which has always been present, but could never be reproduced until now. Increased depth, detail, transient response, and bandwidth perception is the result.

Mozart - Piano Concerto n°21 In C Major, K.467

00:00 - Allegro maestoso
14:01 - Andante
21:00 - Allegro vivace assai
Murray Perahia
English chamber orchestra

Orff - Carmina Burana

Puccini - "Madama Butterfly"

Cio-Cio-San: Renata Tebaldi
Pinkerton: Carlo Bergonzi
Sharpless: Enzo Sordello
Suzuki: Fiorenza Cossotto
Kate Pinkerton: Lidia Nerozzi
Goro: Angelo Mercuriali
Il principe Yamadori: Michele Cazzato
Lo zio bonzo: Paolo Washington
Il commissario imperiale: Virgilio Carbonari
Yakuside: Oscar Bannière
L'ufficiale del registro: Oscar Nanni
Opera in three acts
Libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa
Coro dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Dirigent: Tullio Serafin.

Ravel - "Boléro"

Berliner Philharmoniker.

Vivaldi - I Solisti Veneti

Yes this is really a six hour Vivaldi video. Just hit play and travel back to 18th century Republic of Venice. Being such a long video I had to compress it a bit but the quality still seems satisfactory. I guess I could have made seperate smaller videos but wanted to see if I could upload such a long video. There are obviously too many tracks to list but everything is from I Solisti Veneti and Claudio Scimone. I would suggest buying any CD you can from I Solisti Veneti playing Vivaldi, it is the best!